How to Buy Crab Online

While preparing crab may not seem daunting, the same may not be said for buying crab online. When it comes to knowing what to look for, how much crab should be bought, and how to store it, there are tips worth keeping in mind for new buyers.

When the time comes to make a selection, find live crustacean. If that is too cumbersome, purchase previously cooked and processed meat. However, avoid buying dead, raw crab because it will not have the same flavor and it rapidly becomes mushy. One of the most important things when buying live crabs is to look for the ones that are actively moving throughout in the tank. These crabs are more likely to stay alive until it comes time to cook them. When it comes to quantity, it is recommended that the buyer purchase around 3 pounds per person since crabs produce about 20-25% meat. Similarly, if serving smaller crustacean, it is recommended to get about eight to 12 crabs per person.

Until it is time to serve the meal, storage is also important. Live crabs are best prepared the day they are bought or soon thereafter. It is crucial that the crustacean remains moist and cool, so store the crabs in an open container and line it with wet newspaper before putting them in the refrigerator. Additionally, take shipping into account because when ordering live crabs online, there is no guarantee that the retailer will package and ship the crabs promptly after catching them, though many try to do so. The general rule of thumb is to schedule the crab delivery for the day that you intend to serve them.

How to Buy Lobster Online

There are many places to buy lobster online, but knowing what type of buyer you are is important. Do you plan on becoming a frequent buyer or are you buying the seafood for someone as a gift? Maybe you are looking for the most sustainable delivery option. The possibilities are endless, so knowing the best options is essential.

Frequent Buyers

LobsterAnywhere is highly regarded for seafood lovers. Operating out of Massachusetts for over 20 years, LobsterAnywhere offers a rewards program that gives their loyal customers discounts at checkout. The shipping cost is generally between $39 to $44 on most orders, and another benefit is shoppers can view the shipping charges prior to adding their personal details.

Gift Givers

If you’re in the gift-giving mood, Lobster Gram is perfect for the loved one who is also a seafood appreciator. However, maybe they are not equipped with the tools or the knowledge to prepare lobster. Not a problem – the Chicago-based distributor offers kits that include shell crackers, seafood forks, butter and lemon. If they are still unsure, there are instructional videos on Lobster Gram’s website. Buyers can also view shipping prices prior to filling out contact information, though most orders average $46.


An emphasis on sustainability may be the make-it-or-break-it factor when buying lobster online. If that’s the case, look no further than Luke’s Lobster. Following its humble beginnings in New York’s East Village in 2009, Luke’s Lobster now operates over 30 restaurants across the United States and Japan. Luke’s Lobster is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. It also partnered with The Ocean Foundation in an effort to sustain and honor its community and the environment. For 1.25- to 1.5-pounders, the average cost is $15 each and UPS next-day shipping is a flat fee of about $40.

Welcome: Learn about Symphony of Seafood

Everyone knows that Alaska is a seafood haven. Our waters yield some of the best, highest-quality fish available worldwide. From salmon and king crab to halibut and oysters, our state has built its reputation on catching some truly marvelous seafood. That quality exists for a reason.

Our state is thousands of miles away from the large sources of pollution that contaminate food supplies in other parts of the ocean. Additionally, Alaska’s human population density is among the lowest in the world, meaning we have minimal local pollution and strict regulations governing development activities. We are the only state in the nation whose constitution explicitly mandates that all fish are utilized, developed, and maintained on a sustained yield principle, and the State’s Department of Environmental Conservation has a regulatory section dedicated to water quality.

As a result of these initiatives and circumstances, our coasts and fisheries have some of the cleanest, freshest water sources available. The quality is so high that you can actually taste the difference.

Alaskan seafood is shipped around the world for popular consumption, but a lot of customers don’t quite know what to do with their orders. Our state’s seafood is always high quality, so it tastes slightly different from what you might pick up at your local grocery store. As a result, people might not know how to cook this fish in a way that brings out the best flavors. That’s where we come in.

Symphony of Seafood is a website devoted to enjoying – and helping others enjoy – Alaska’s bountiful seafood. We primarily post recipes and cooking tips for preparing Alaskan seafood. However, we will occasionally spotlight companies and fisheries that are either producing an excellent product or working noticeably sustainably.

Alaska has some of the best seafood in the world, and we want everyone to enjoy its unique taste. It really does make a difference where your seafood comes from. Welcome to Symphony of Seafood.